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Trimaco Masking Film

Trimaco Masking Film


Trimaco masking films, when used with tape applicators or maskers, effortlessly adhere to surfaces, ensuring precise application with ease. Enjoy the added benefit of ample natural light transmission through our transparent films, perfect for windows.

What sets Trimaco's masking films apart is their exceptional ability to attract overspray and minimize flaking, eliminating messy cleanup and residue. Simply apply the film with the printed side facing out to shield surfaces from paint drips, overspray, and dust.

Versatility is key, and Trimaco's masking films are compatible with most oil or latex paint types for both interior and exterior projects. Experience painting made easier, cleaner, and faster, achieving outstanding results every time.

Trimaco Premium Masking Films & Plastic deliver a seamless painting experience, providing unmatched surface protection while streamlining your process. Bid farewell to drips, overspray, and dust, and welcome flawless finishes with Trimaco.

Size Rls/Ctn Unit Wt/Ctn
48” x 180’ 12
72” x 90’ 12
CTN 15.2
99” x 90’ 12
CTN 20.6
58115 48" x 180' 12 CTN 23.6
58120 72" x 90' 12 CTN 15.2
58125 99" x 90' 12 CTN 23
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