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Norton Drywall Cloth Sheets 100-180 Grit

Norton Drywall Cloth Sheets 100-180 Grit


Experience the perfect combination of convenience and quality with the WallSand cloth sheet, suitable for both hand sanding and block sanding. Crafted with precision, this sheet is designed to deliver an outstanding surface finish on drywall, ensuring that your paint application is flawless and uniform.

The sheet features an aluminum oxide grain, renowned for its exceptional abrasive properties, guaranteeing superior sanding performance. Its flexibility knows no bounds, allowing you to effortlessly reach those challenging-to-sand areas and corners with ease.

Crafted with a strong J-weight cotton backing, this sheet offers enhanced durability, ensuring it stands up to rigorous sanding tasks. Additionally, the die-cut design ensures a perfect fit on your sander, promoting consistent and reliable performance throughout your sanding projects.

Prod# Model# Desc Ea Pck Pck / Case Wt/Ct
53200 68317 100
10 20
68316 120
10 20
53210 68315 150 25 10 20
53215 68314 180 25 10 20
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