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42 Gal 3 Mil Contractor Clean-Up Trash Bags

42 Gal 3 Mil Contractor Clean-Up Trash Bags

32 Bags/Case - 120 Case/Pallet

Enhance protection for your products and belongings with our professional-grade 3 Mil thick bags. These versatile bags are suitable for various applications and can be utilized anywhere. Crafted with exceptional quality, they are proudly made in the USA to ensure superior performance.

Designed to withstand demanding tasks, our strong bags are built to handle most jobs effortlessly. Their robust construction provides reliable protection from harsh environments, including dust, rain, snow, and other aggressive surroundings. Whether you need a dust guard, rain cover, or a shield against challenging elements, our TRM Weatherall covers excel in numerous applications.

Additionally: these bags serve as excellent vapor barriers, concrete covers, spray barriers, or liners. Their versatility makes them a reliable choice for a wide range of uses. Trust in our premium 3 Mil thick bags to safeguard your items and offer optimal protection in various scenarios.

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