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Vella Venetian Plaster Systems

Marmorino Plaster (Coarse)

Marmorino Plaster (Coarse)



Introducing Coarse Limestone Plaster, a 100% acrylic-based crushed marble plaster that allows you to achieve an authentic Marmorino finish. This highly durable plaster offers versatility in creating a range of appearances, including smooth, rustic, or stone effects, adding a touch of elegance to your spaces.

Coarse Limestone Plaster can be directly applied over existing surfaces or level 3 drywall, providing a convenient solution for transforming any space. It replicates the coveted Marmorino style finish and can match most Marmorino plaster options available in the marketplace. Whether you prefer a smooth and contemporary look or a more rustic, old-world charm, Coarse Limestone Plaster delivers superior results.

One of the notable features of Coarse Limestone Plaster is its wet-on-wet application capability. This allows for the creation of multiple color marble finishes without the need for bonding agents. The process is simplified, saving you time and effort while offering endless creative possibilities.

Designed to cover existing surfaces, Coarse Limestone Plaster ensures a superior smooth, marbled, or textured stone finish, adding depth and character to your walls. The product is available in standard colors or can be tinted using paint pigments, providing flexibility to match your desired color scheme.

Coarse Limestone Plaster offers a cost-effective solution, easily applied like most level 5 mud products. It provides exceptional quality, surpassing many competing Marmorino/Venetian plaster products in the marketplace. Enjoy the benefits of a durable plaster that is easy to touch up and does not require a sealer, simplifying the maintenance process.

With its ZERO VOC formula, Coarse Limestone Plaster contributes to a healthier indoor environment and meets stringent VOC standards. You can confidently use this product, knowing that it prioritizes both performance and sustainability.

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