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Introducing EZ FIX – Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Repairs!

Revolutionize your repair projects with EZ FIX, a fiber-reinforced, non-shrinking, and fast-setting patching compound designed to make fixing holes, cracks, and imperfections a breeze. Unlike traditional solutions, EZ FIX sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness, delivering remarkable results on a variety of surfaces.

EZ FIX is your go-to choice for repairing holes, cracks, and patching on drywall, wood, concrete, and plaster surfaces. Its versatility extends to being an exceptional floor underlayment for patching and leveling, ensuring a smooth and flawless foundation. In just 30 minutes, EZ FIX sets hard, granting you the freedom to file, saw, drill, or sand once it's completely dry.

Crafted for durability and long-lasting performance, EZ FIX establishes a strong bond with a multitude of substrates, resulting in a resilient and solid finish that stands the test of time. This exceptional compound isn't limited to traditional repairs – it's also suitable for model-making and mold creation, expanding its utility beyond the ordinary.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional, EZ FIX's 30-minute set time for patching cracks and holes in surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick, and concrete brings unprecedented convenience and reliability to your projects. Designed for interior use, EZ FIX should be your preferred choice for repairs that demand precision and speed.

While EZ FIX is a marvel for most applications, we recommend avoiding its use in exterior settings or consistently moist interior spaces. However, with proper precautions, you can still make the most of its remarkable capabilities even in challenging conditions. For optimal results, apply EZ FIX within a temperature range of 50°F – 80°F (10°C – 27°C), ensuring the perfect conditions for its exceptional performance.
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