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Hamilton Drywall Products

EZ Patch

EZ Patch

Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Repairs!

Discover the innovation of Hamilton's EZ Patch, a versatile interior/exterior repair spackling paste that elevates your repair projects to a new level of efficiency and excellence. Unlike traditional solutions, EZ Patch streamlines your repair process ensuring you achieve a smooth, flawless finished surface with ease.

Unparalleled Performance:
EZ Patch is crafted with precision in the USA, guaranteeing top-notch quality for all your repair needs. This exceptional spackling paste is designed to effortlessly fill small holes, cracks, and imperfections on multiple surfaces, ranging from drywall and plaster to wood, brick, and stone. Its ready-to-use formula spreads smoothly, enabling you to achieve professional repairs that won't crack, crumble, or flake. EZ Patch dries to a solid finish, making sanding and painting a breeze.

Effortless Application:
Experience the convenience of EZ Patch's user-friendly formula. No more concerns about painting or sanding when the surface is still damp – EZ Patch simplifies your tasks. With no priming required, this spackling paste won't shrink or crack, ensuring the longevity of your repairs. What's more, EZ Patch is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, providing unparalleled versatility.
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