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Hamilton Drywall Products

Fast Set (5Min | 20Min)

Fast Set (5Min | 20Min)

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Hamilton Drywall Products features the remarkable Fast Set 5 and Fast Set 20 compounds! Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, our top-of-the-line products are designed to elevate your taping and patching projects to a new level of efficiency and excellence.

Fast Set 5: Experience the future of drywall work with Fast Set 5, the ultimate solution for taping and patching. This cutting-edge compound sets the industry standard, boasting lightning-fast setting times of 5-7 minutes. Gone are the days of waiting around for your compound to dry – with Fast Set 5, you can proceed with your project at an unprecedented pace. Mixing quickly and effortlessly, this compound creates a seamless, non-shrinking surface that's a breeze to sand. Whether you're a professional on a tight schedule or a DIY enthusiast seeking rapid results, Fast Set 5 is your answer.

Fast Set 20: When precision and perfection matter, Fast Set 20 steps up to the plate. This exceptional compound offers a slightly longer setting time of 20-25 minutes, allowing for meticulous adjustments before it solidifies. Perfect for tasks that require extra attention to detail, Fast Set 20 doesn't compromise on quality. Its lightweight composition maintains the integrity of your finished product while providing the same volume a 25 lb. bag in an 18 lb. package. Mixing seamlessly and delivering an impeccably smooth surface, Fast Set 20 is your trusted companion for achieving flawlessness in every application.
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