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Vella Venetian Plaster Systems

Marmorino Plaster (Fine)

Marmorino Plaster (Fine)



Introducing Fine Limestone Plaster, an authentic 100% acrylic-based crushed marble plaster that creates a stunning Marmorino finish. This highly durable plaster offers a range of appearances, from smooth and contemporary to rustic and old-world, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic.  With a finer collection of aggregates than our Coarse Limestone Plaster, this can be troweled down or sanded to create a smooth and polished stone-like surface.   

Fine Limestone Plaster can be directly applied over existing surfaces or level 3 drywall, providing a cost-effective solution for transforming spaces. It mimics the style of Marmorino plaster and can match most Marmorino plaster finishes from all over the world. Whether you desire a smooth, marbled, or textured stone appearance, Fine Limestone Plaster delivers a superior finish.

One of the key advantages of Fine Limestone Plaster is its versatility in application. It can be applied wet on wet, allowing for the creation of multiple color marble finishes without the need for bonding agents. This flexibility enables you to unleash your creativity and achieve unique and customized results.

Designed to cover existing surfaces, Fine Limestone Plaster ensures a superior smooth, marbled, or textured stone finish. It can be obtained in standard colors or tinted using paint pigments, offering a wide range of options to suit your design preferences.

In addition to its exceptional appearance, Fine Limestone Plaster provides durability, making it a long-lasting solution for your projects. It is easy to touch up, allowing for seamless repairs if needed, and it does not require a sealer, simplifying the maintenance process.

With its ZERO VOC formula, Fine Limestone Plaster promotes a healthier indoor environment and reduces environmental impact. You can confidently use this product knowing it meets stringent VOC standards.

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