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Vella Venetian Plaster Systems

Limewash Paint

Limewash Paint



Introducing our Limewash Paint, an exceptional painting solution that effortlessly combines modern resin technology with the timeless charm of all-natural lime. Crafted with meticulous precision using advanced resins, this innovative Limewash paint exemplifies unmatched durability and adhesion, catering to a wide array of applications.

Limewash Paint boasts an enchanting mineral matte finish, adorned by the presence of exquisite natural minerals. Formulated with a robust organic mineral base, our blend incorporates the finest, matured lime. To achieve the desired outcome, we seamlessly blend in natural earth minerals, resulting in a radiant, luminous artisanal finish that distinguishes itself from conventional acrylic or latex paints. Engineered to allow the lime to gently "bloom," it gives rise to subtle tonal variations, infusing depth, texture, and a luxurious matte velvet-like effect.

This versatile paint effortlessly adorns porous, unsealed, and unpainted surfaces, such as interior and exterior plaster, stucco, brick, stone, slate, and concrete.

Limewash Paint, enriched by natural minerals, elegantly scatters light, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony. As light dances across the mineral surface, it refracts and diffuses, resulting in a captivating interplay of radiance. This inherent luminosity imparts walls with character and an enchanting glow.

Limewash Paint is a symbol of environmental consciousness and well-being, crafted from a sturdy organic mineral base. Comprising of naturally derived earthly components, it emerges as a non-toxic, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint. Its breathable composition prevents moisture and humidity entrapment within walls, fostering a healthy living environment. 

Enter a realm where the timeless allure of natural lime harmoniously converges with contemporary endurance. With Limewash Paint, immerse your surroundings in the captivating charm of luminosity, vitality, and refined elegance as your space transforms into an enduring masterpiece.


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